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Actually pick that up through this application we haves special ERV entry it will pick up an automatically log in and if that’s not available we actually also can tournament look up so all of your simplified printing TX servers on the network will be visible and the user can just pick one from the drop-down so now if I actually switch over here now to my iPad wouldn’t be able to show this to you I have a nice little app called server which lets me display my windscreen on my windows device.

over airplay so to give me one moment Handheld Printer for this to come ups now everyone should be able to see my iPad screen this is a mirror image of what I’m seeing right now on my iPad and so what I’ve done before this demo is Actually installed these simple my printing tux apple and my iPad I logged into my test server and immediately in the background all of those subscriptions were picked up and they immediately started broadcasting to my device over virtualization so if I come into the Notes app here and i go to select the printer allot these devices with a little red target next to them are the virtualization devices that tracer and has broadcast.

To my iPad on this list of you went through it mirrors exactly the list that you just saw on my local Windows PC the top two there are generic virtual remount not virtual they’re reinterpret devices that we have on our network for testing the reason that Left those there left them turned on on network is for demonstration purposes so if i switch now over to my iPhone ongoing to.

I’m going to airplay my iPhone screen turn off the other one so its larger okay so now I’ve got my iPhone screen up now for my iPhone i didn’t install air print compatible printers the simplify printing TX app on it so this the simplify printing TX software has no knowledge of my iPhone being on the network doesn’t know that I’m the users far as its concerned this is just another dummy device out there so when Look for printers on my iPhone now I’m not going to see any of those other printers.